Embroidering is the process of stitching a logo or custom design into a garment. It is a classic and unique method to advertise your company, organization and a unique way to promote special groups or for simple personalization.

Pro Stitch Lettering works diligently to create and produce the custom look you desire. We have in-house ability to reproduce your logo or create a custom design that meets your specafications.

Digitizing is the process of taking artwork and transforming it into a language that the embroidery machine will understand and stitch out. Digitizing is a complex process which uses running, satin and fill stitches to create an embroidery design. We can provide a sew out sample upon request before the main production run.

Direct Embroidery
Pro Stitch Lettering offers direct embroidery services

Patch / Emblems
Pro Stitch Lettering can embroider your logo or design onto a Twill patch which is then sewn onto your garment.

Embroidery Items
T-Shirts • Golf Shirts • Caps / Hats • Company Uniforms • Jackets • Bags Sweat Shirts • Towels / Golf Towels • And More...

Lettering Styles

If you have a favorite lettering style (font) on your computer, just upload the True Type Font and let Pro Stitch use it in your design!


Tackle Twill
Tackle Twill is the preferred choice for professional sports teams when decorating their uniforms. To have that “professional” look, colleges and youth organizations have followed suit.

Tackle Twill lettering is fabric that is cut out and then sewn on to the garment. The designs are usually fairly simple, but can be as detailed as you desire.

At Pro Stitch we cut our own Tackle Twill with state of the art equipment. What this means to you is; hundreds of lettering style options, high quality designs, fast on time delivery, all done at the lowest possible prices.

Thermo Film
Thermo Film is the most widely used material for team numbers and letters. This type of lettering is heat applied. Thermo film won’t fade, peel, chip, or scratch and is dry cleanable. There are hundreds of lettering styles to choose from.

Silk Screen

Screen Printing is the process of permanently imprinting a logo or design directly onto a garment or item. It is an economical way to promote your organization or group, advertise your company or show school spirit.

Silk Screen Items
T-Shirts • Jackets • Sweat Shirts • Jackets • Golf Towels • Bags
Caps / Hats • Umbrellas • And more...


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